Silly Little Love Songs

man-198961_640“Why sing love songs that are so idealistic that they can only find fulfillment in Jesus? Why not just sing about Jesus Christ?” Donna Cori Gibson.

Like Donna, I’ve noticed that a great number, if not a majority, of mainstream songs, books and movies in the Western/ developed world feature the quest for LOVE.

This worldly portrayal of our desire warps our expectations, impacts where we search for love and distorts what we think love is.

The desire for LOVE is in us because we are made in the image of God. Loving God before all other loves makes loving flawed humans possible. At least that’s what I’ve experienced.

Thank you, Jesus.

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In Heaven We Will….

….serve God perfectly.


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Get Knocked Conscious with Relentless Love

I’m selective about which books I read..and am so happy to recommend Relentless Love.

It’s easy for me to read words but not pay attention to their meaning. It happens with fiction, non-fiction, instruction manuals…you name it. I can slip into reading any genre with mindlessness and disinterest, as though the passages say, “Length times width times height equals boredom.”

Not so with Relentless Love.  This book knocks me CONSCIOUS. When I read, actually read the words and the meaning, I’m astounded and transformed further.

Who would I be if I believed, down to my very core, that my slate has been wiped clean for good? And you?


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Five Stars and Two Thumbs up for (FREE!) Memoir

I’m hyper-selective about which books I read..and am so happy to recommend “Trees Tall as Mountains” by Rachel Devenish Ford

tree-359410_640The story is engaging, funny, serious, raw and well-written. The author is relatable, intelligent, creative and gently, yet firmly God-centered.  She shares her self, her life, worries and victories with us.

Women will probably enjoy the book more than men, as a lot of the scenes are familial, from a mommy’s point of view. (However, numerous references to her “Superstar” husband might be of interest to men. The Superstar did write one chapter.) Non-Christians who fear evangelism can enjoy the book also. Rachel never preaches. She’s real. And flawed. Like you and me.

It’s free on Kindle.


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Jesus before all of that….

baby Jesus copyDid God give Jesus facial features that resembled Joseph’s and Mary’s…the jut of His adoptive dad’s chin, the deep gaze of His mother’s eyes?

Did He learn to walk at the same age as His toddler cousins?

Did He play pranks on the neighborhood kids?

Did He like to tell jokes?

Did He have a beloved pet? A goat, perhaps?

Did Mary have to cajole Him to eat His vegetables?

Where did He sulk when Mary scolded Him? Or did she never have to discipline Him?

What was His favorite sport?

How did He react to the shy glances of comely maidens?

Was He good at math or history?

What was His favorite part about working side-by-side with His dad?

Did He cry out when a splinter drove under His thumbnail?

Did He know during his growing up years and young adulthood that He had supernatural powers and what was in store for Him?

Or did God reveal that information and power in the fullness of time, when it was time for the Son to begin His ministry?

Matthew 1:20-21New International Version (NIV)

20 But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, “Joseph son of David, do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. 21 She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus,[a] because he will save his people from their sins.”

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Drummer is Wired for God

drum-285596_640We’re heading deeper into the woods toward a drum circle – something I’ve never done before. Darkness swallows our flashlight beams. The path feels spongy with moss and fallen leaves. The sweet musty aroma of decay wafts on the chilly air.

Torches illuminate the circle. We each choose a drum and sit on rustic benches. The drum leader’s long, gray hair is tied in a ponytail. In the past, people would have said he’s a hippy. I don’t know what label people would attach to him tonight, but I do know this: His heart is wired for God. Every person’s heart is.

The drum leader’s chatter – a pastiche of Native American, Buddhist and New Age beliefs and lingo – between sessions reveals that he REALLY, REALLY wants to be connected to a god, but not the God.

I know what it’s like to REALLY, REALLY want God. I used to talk like the drummer. Heck, I wrote and sold lots and lots of articles to “spirituality” magazines whose readers were interested in our divine selves and a higher power and healing the inner child and so forth. Who isn’t interested in being whole?

Wired for God, the drum leader, others like him and I, plugged ourselves into false outlets. There’s a surge at first, but the power fizzles. The current eventually shorts out and we’re in the dark again.

I have this idea, this wish that when atheists, agnostics and “spiritual” people are on the cusp of dying and are in that space between being lost to us and entering eternity, Jesus finds them and invites them to come to Him. And they say, “Yes!”

A few weeks after our drum circle experience, I learned that the ponytailed leader had died suddenly of cancer.

I hope he said, “Yes!” and is in the light now.

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Delete the Tapes

ballet-71002_640As always when I call Becky every four months or so for a catch up, we quickly delve into deep conversations. This call was no different.

“I remember Mom enrolled me in a dance class when I was a little girl,” Becky says. “I was standing right there and I heard Mom tell the instructor, ‘I don’t care if she learns how to dance, just teach her to walk.’ ”

“Ow!” I say. Becky is recalling a “tape” that was inserted 55 years ago. Tapes – those messages adults (usually parents) install in our minds when we’re emotionally pliable and utterly dependent on them for survival.

Becky continues, “To this day I avoid any activities with movement, like Zumba.” Her voice is brittle.

I tell her about one of my tapes and how it still controls my behavior today. Becky has been a child of God since she was 12, so I’m comfortable with taking this tape conversation into another realm.

“The thing is,” I say, “those tapes were recorded when we were not equipped to disable them. Even now as adults we can’t delete them.” My energy and voice rise as I realize something. “Even your mother can’t delete the tapes she put in!!!”

“Yeah, I know,” Becky says softly.

“The only One who can delete those tapes is Jesus Christ!” I’m almost embarrassed by how my passion and excitement must be resounding in her cell phone and her ear.

“Yeah,” she replies. She doesn’t sound convinced or relieved.

Without our tapes, who would be be?

We’d be free to dance. Or not dance. It would be our free choice.

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