Write On: 7 Prompts for You


  1. Write about something stressful in your past that worked out to some good.
  2. Write about something stressful going on now. Brainstorm all the ways God can work it for good and how you might be refined to be a bit more like Jesus.
  3. Pick a Psalm. Rewrite it from your perspective as you are right now. Rewrite the same Psalm from the P.O.V. of someone you find to be a challenge.
  4. Write a healing letter to someone with whom you have a very, very difficult relationship.​ Decide if it would encourage the person if you were to actually send it. Or pray it.
  5. Write a poem or prose using “A time to….” (Ecclesiastes) as your launching point.
  6. Write about what you still haven’t let go of, still worry about, still try to control. Now what?
  7. man-198961_640


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Shame, Guilt, Condemnation

anger-794699_640Nope. I’m not supposed to feel any of those emotions. They belong to Satan.

But, dang. I sure blew it. Epic fail.

The sad soul who’s been squatting in my brother’s basement for, oh, maybe 17 years, was smoking. Sad soul didn’t know I was in the house.

He’d promised my and my brother’s dad that he would never smoke in the house. For one, it’s the landlord’s rule. And secondly, cig smoke is bad for people with diabetes, which my brother has.

When I smelled smoke I walked partway down stairs, sat and turned into a she-devil. I yelled at Sad Soul at the top of my lungs. He knows I’m Christian. He knows for sure I’m a hypocrite, just as he has been accusing Christians of being.

I’m so disgusted that I personified his stereotype of the worst of the church.

Sad Soul needs help. I handed him a shovel to dig his hole deeper rather than the gift of grace.

Should I tell Dad that Sad Soul broke his promise? Should I put Sad Soul on the phone with Dad and let Sad Soul decide if he wants to confess? Should just keep this between me and Sad Soul?

I pray and pray. I will apologize next time I see Sad Soul.

God help me. Fill me with your Holy Spirit all the time.

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Are We in a Relationship?

art cruciform pastel (2)When we’re in a relationship, we know traits about the person’s character that others who aren’t in a relationship with that person wouldn’t know or haven’t experienced first hand.

Barbie loves dogs. Jason tells jokes. Don gives up easily. Sandy has a bad temper. If I’m in a relationship with Jesus Christ, I should know some stuff about him, right?

The Jesus I know:

Explains the same truth different ways and the same way repeatedly. (Read John, to see what I mean.) He’ll use metaphors, parables…

Doesn’t humiliate people, even though He gets plenty of chances to.

Won’t go where he’s not wanted or invited. Meekness.

Esteems women.

Is brave, righteous, manly, tender, straightforward, persistent, pure, patient.

Loves all sinners, saints, men, women, children, embryos….




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Omni-this, Omni-that: This is that important

holding-hands-752878_640I was reading Beth Moore’s The Beloved Disciple, and came across this sentence, “Satan is not omnipotent.”

I put the book down to think through God’s omnis and Satan’s lack of omnis.

God is omnipresent. Satan is not. Therefore, because I have authority given through Jesus, I can banish Satan from a place.

God is omniscient. Satan is not. Therefore, because I have authority given through Jesus, I can foil Satan.

God is omnipotent. Satan is not. Therefore, I can defeat Satan, with the authority given by Jesus.

For a lengthy treatment of God’s omni-nesses see http://www.cogwriter.com/god-omnipotent-omniscient-omnipresent.htm

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Young Mary



Old Nazareth

Humble shack

Corner of a crude room.

She’s there

Hands clasped

Gazing upward.

Golden light overcomes her.

The story begins.

The world spins.

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For engineers, writers, housewives, atheists, teachers, nurses, fire fighters, legislators…..

Everyone who is alive is creative. We create solutions to problems, we create answers to questions, we create decisions when faced with options, and on and on. No matter what title we give ourselves, we create.

So, with that in mind…

God could have created the universe all at once, in a timeless “poof!”
Genesis 1 shows God used a step-by-step process with pauses for evaluation and
time set aside to rest from creating. We can emulate His process, including the
rest. Doing so would probably be good (God) for us, who are made in His image.

Abandoned grain elevator, rendered in pastel, titled "Still Standing."

Abandoned grain elevator, rendered in pastel, titled “Still Standing.”

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Dancing in Church

Perichoresis (charcoal)

Perichoresis (charcoal)

Perichoresis is a Greek word describing the relationship between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In John 15:26, Jesus says, “But I will send you the Comforter – the Holy Spirit, the source of all truth. He will come to you from the Father and will tell you all about me.”

The power of the Holy Spirit is real. When I said “Yes” to Jesus, the Holy Spirit entered me immediately and rewired my mind. I do not behave, act or think the ways I did before. But I’m still me. Better me. The Holy Spirit continues to guide me.

My hope is that God uses “Perichoresis – Dance of Three” to touch someone in a way that moves them closer to God. It’s not necessary that I know if that happens or not.

I created many versions of the three dancers in an attempt to come up with a simple, elegant lyrical image. The image you see is the closest I’ve gotten so far…

The challenge with any work of art is expressing an emotion in two dimensions. The reward comes when a viewer is touched by the visual expression in a unique, personal way.

I’ve learned that just because I’m creating art for God’s Kingdom doesn’t make the execution easy. I still have to plan, practice, erase, re-do.

God is the creator of all. What a privilege that I get to create, too.

(After the Opening Reception for the art exhibit in which Perichoresis is included, a woman told me that her friend said, “Something about that piece speaks to me.” Thank you, Jesus. Another prayer answered. )

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