For Whom Shall We Vote?

hillary and donaldBoth candidates give me cause for concern about how they would handle the office of President of the United States of America and change our Nation. Here’s a long, but thoughtful and specific article from a Christian point of view for Christians, and anyone else who will vote.

Voting for Trump?


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Very Good Book Free @ Kindle Unlimited

Nancy with a beloved child.

Nancy with a beloved child.

Confessions of a Transformed Heart is a read-worthy, true account of a longtime missionary family told by Nancy, whose heart was remolded by God in the face of horror, disease and more. Even so, the book is encouraging and not a downer.

As a wife and a Christian, I learned important truths from her story and looked forward to reading a chapter everyday.

And here’s another important fact. Nancy is a good writer!


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Hello, Creatives (writers, artists, photographers and the like)

Are you an art minister to-be?

Art ministers take seriously the calling to equip and encourage all kinds of creatives, anywhere, nurturing them artistically and spiritually in community.

Visit to find out about the programs. This is my certificate.

art fruition arts ministry

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If the Prayer Fits…

A friend posted the prayer below on FB, and then asked, “How can I pray for you?” I replied that her prayer fit me perfectly. How about you? Does it fit?

art kimberly 1Lord,
Today I release my gifts to you – and the temptations to use them to exalt myself or to protect myself.

Today I release my sinfulness to you – and the temptations to try and fix myself or to deny that I have a sinful nature.

Today I release my longings to you – and the temptations to
try and fill them myself by needing to control or to pretend altogether that I don’t have them.

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“To me, it’s healing”

My friend said her husband has a bad cough and the doctor found a suspicious looking spot on his lung.  She’s so afraid.

That night, as I lay in bed, I asked God for an image that I could paint for my friend and her husband. This is my rendition of the image that came to me.
art susan black man with butterfly image

The next day, a business appointment had me near one of my favorite thrift shops. I was so excited about finding a frame for the prophetic art I wanted to create for my friend and her husband.

En route, I got a speeding ticket. $177.00.

I found the PERFECT frame for $1.00.

(Lesson: Don’t rush to do God’s work.)

A week later when I saw my friend again, I said, “I have something for you.” I handed her a bag with the art inside.

She said, “Am I going to cry?”

“Yes, you are.”

She commented on the beautiful frame. She said she and her husband were going go get his biopsy results later that day. Why does it take a whole week from the time of the biopsy to get results?! As if trying to pass a quiz, she said of the watercolor of the man with a blue moth, “I know it represents the heart, the soul….”

As she put the art into her car, she made what would have appeared to a passing observer to be a throw-away comment about the image I’d made for her. She said, “To me, it’s healing.”

Healing. YES!!! Thank you, Holy Spirit!

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Atheist Professor, Holly Ordway, Becomes Christian.

Dr. Holly Ordway has published a book titled Not God’s Type, telling her personal story. She begins “I had never in my life said a prayer, never been to a church service. Christmas meant presents a…

Source: Atheist Professor, Holly Ordway, Becomes Christian.

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Is This Artwork a Message of God’s Love?

My friend’s husband has a bad cough and a spot on his lung. My friend is fearful, tearful. Waiting for biopsy results.

That night, I lay still and asked God for an image for me to create for my friend and her husband. Here it susan black man with butterfly image

I posted the image on Facebook to see if it speaks to anyone else. Here are the comments:

“maybe for me and perhaps others? love this, very encouraging to me. thanks for posting. beautiful piece”

“Maybe for all the children who have lost a loved one and then get the support to deal with their grief so that they can eventually awaken the butterfly within them and spread their wings and fly. The butterfly is the symbol of Olivia’s House Grief and Loss Center for Children.”

“I see my son who passed, and the butterfly supports my belief that his disabilities are now gone and he is happy and healed and able to fly now.”

I will give it to my friend next time I see her. By then, she will know the biopsy results.

Thank you, Holy Spirit, for this image. It was an honor to re-create it.

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