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Got Waterproof Mascara?

I’m signed up to be baptized on Aug. 26th. My schedule is getting full for August, and I was going to wait till November to get baptized, but then I realized I was making my “valuable” time more important than the … Continue reading

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Bill Board Challenge?

My church has posted a giant bill board . . . in front of one of the other large churches in the community. I wonder if situating it there was purposeful or just a luck of the draw. I wonder … Continue reading

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The man on the corner of Market and Belmont Streets held a sign: HOMELESS NEED WORK. He’d drawn a small black dot in the center of each letter O. To me, these dots signified creativity, hope. In my 10 years … Continue reading

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Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Bon Jovi: Thorns in Their Flesh

I thought the phrase “thorn in my side” was a polite way to say that someone is a “pain in the ass.” A big nuisance. A major inconvenience. As when a supervisor says, “Jane’s a good welder, but she always … Continue reading

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Bible Resolution Wrong

I don’t live in the so-called Bible belt region of the USA, and yet it seems that frequently letters to the editor of our local newspaper are about religion, both “fer ‘n’ agin.” Here’s a letter from the other day. How would … Continue reading

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Steve Jobs Abused His God-Given Gifts and His Family

I sometimes grumble that if I don’t sell or share what I wrote, then I’ve wasted my gift. I’ve served no one. And that’s wrong. But that mindset seems perverse. Consider the Olympic athlete who swims hours and hours to … Continue reading

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Mirror, mirror, mirror, etc., etc., etc.

Do this: Stand in front of a large mirror. Now hold a hand mirror so that you can see the reflection of the hand mirror in the large mirror. If you aim the hand-held mirror a certain way, you will … Continue reading

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