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“Even Jesus Made Mistakes”

The conversation became lively as the four of us talked about how brilliant people (Benjamin Franklin, Tiger Woods, Albert Einstein) exhibit deep character flaws. We enjoyed recounting the mistakes those guys – and other luminaries – committed. “It makes it … Continue reading

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Guns and Religion All Wet

Getting baptised was something I’d never thought about doing as an adult. It was those rubes who cling to their “guns and religion,” as BO put it, who get all wet. Over the past year or so, getting baptised became more important to … Continue reading

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Another Mis-Attribution: Handle it!

Here’s an adage people trot out when someone’s dealing with big problems (a child’s cancer, a spouse’s death, a bitter divorce or all three at once). “God won’t give you more than you can handle.” Has anyone ever said that to … Continue reading

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Soldiers Use Force Magnifier

When I was writing a plan for my home staging business, I decided to target Realtors as my main market. In turn, I wanted Realtors to market my services to their sellers. There’s only one of me. There are hundreds … Continue reading

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Mis-Attribution, God Help Us

I’ve always had a hard time making sense of the sentence, “God helps those who help themselves.” It didn’t seem to jibe with what I thought God was like, and that was before I began studying the Word. Now I’ve … Continue reading

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Wisdom Tradition Left Me Twisting in the Wind

The scripture verse, “The world and its desires pass away,” sounds very much like the Buddhist statement that everything is impermanent. I studied Buddhism and found it to be a mental exercise, a tradition, but not a religion. Buddhism offered me … Continue reading

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