Soldiers Use Force Magnifier

When I was writing a plan for my home staging business, I decided to target Realtors as my main market. In turn, I wanted Realtors to market my services to their sellers. There’s only one of me. There are hundreds and hundreds of Realtors.

Sure, I directed some marketing efforts toward private homeowners, but by focusing on Realtors, I used what the military calls a “force magnifier.” Cool term, eh?

“Magnify is variously described as “to make greater in size; enlarge; to cause to appear greater or seem more important than is in fact the case; exaggerate; to increase the apparent size of, especially by means of a lens; to glorify or praise.” The term “force magnifier” means that the amount of force available is increased. (What Is a Force Magnifier? |

Turns out my idea has worked. I have loyal Realtor clients who for years have been paying for my service to help their sellers make their houses more marketable. Realtors are my force magnifier.

Christians employ the force magnifier concept by serving others so they can serve others.

For example, this past Saturday, my church deployed hundreds of volunteers to the city schools to get them ready for teachers and kids. We were serving teachers so they could serve kids. You see the magnification effect?

And the cool thing about serving others so they can serve others was that my ego-driven, self-centered tendencies dissolved. I had a fun scrubbing cubbyholes where children will soon be storing books and whatever else pre-teens carry around these days.

Humility combined with action and the Holy Spirit make a mighty force magnifier. Onward Christian soldiers  . . .

About beth

I started this blog in 2011 shortly after I finally opened my heart and mind to Jesus as a last resort. My intent with this blog is to share what I learn and feel along my path with Jesus.
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