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First wisdom, then tomatoes

Today, for the first time, I read Proverbs 8: 22-35. I came upon an idea that I hadn’t heard before. Wisdom existed before the beginning of the earth. God’s creation was done wisely. The other day as I was plucking … Continue reading

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Adultery OK

This was in our paper and thousands of other newspapers and online yesterday ( DEAR ABBY: I have been married for 10 years. Early in our marriage my husband talked about wanting to try swinging. We did, and had many … Continue reading

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Red, red wine…

I used to go thru my day eagerly anticipating drinking two glasses of red wine in the evening. Nothing much else happened after 7:00 pm for me, except going brain dead watching TV (reruns) and eating a salty snack to heighten the pleasure … Continue reading

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What do you feel about wisdom?

This Sunday, Pastor Steve talked about the timely wisdom available in the ancient sayings of Proverbs. He pointed out that in our culture feelings have replaced wisdom. He got that right. The thing that seemed to be hammered into me during my counseling … Continue reading

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I’d assumed the phrase “Eat, drink and be merry” was from an olde British writer . . . Dickens, Shakespeare, Chaucer . . . until I came upon it in Charles Stanley’s In Touch magazine. The world has taken the quote out … Continue reading

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Caesar Had Mercy: End

I hadn’t paid county taxes for my business income for the past year. I felt guilty. (“Render unto Caesar . . . etc.”) I contacted the county tax bureau. They sent me the tax form. Thought I owed X dollars, … Continue reading

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Please Accept My Gift of Your Lint

The question asked of me was: “In what ways to you see God’s influence in your creativity and arts?” Um, not sure if I see an influence . . . except for the fact that my creativity comes from God, … Continue reading

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Kicking Caesar’s Dog – Part V

When I’d mentioned to my husband, back in  June, that I hadn’t paid the county my small business taxes  for 2011, he’d said, “Don’t kick a sleeping dog.” (see blogs 6/12,14,16,18/2012) I kicked the dog. Yesterday I received tax forms from … Continue reading

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