What do you feel about wisdom?

This Sunday, Pastor Steve talked about the timely wisdom available in the ancient sayings of Proverbs. He pointed out that in our culture feelings have replaced wisdom.

He got that right. The thing that seemed to be hammered into me during my counseling master degree training and beyond was getting a person to be able to articulate how he or she FEELS about something. . . “And how do you feel when he does that?” “What feelings come up when that happens?” “What do you feel like doing?” etc.

And I’ve felt inadequate at times for not being able to label how I feel.

Pastor Steve says the question should be: What does wisdom say?

I wonder how many times I would have taken a different fork in the road if I had consulted Wisdom on Tap (God) rather than my feelings.


About beth

I started this blog in 2011 shortly after I finally opened my heart and mind to Jesus as a last resort. My intent with this blog is to share what I learn and feel along my path with Jesus.
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1 Response to What do you feel about wisdom?

  1. Susan Storlie says:

    I’m with you Beth. While I think feelings are important (God gave them to us too), if we don’t search out wisdom first, we’re probably going to end up regreting our choice. Too many times I’ve relied on feelings to direct me, not wise at all!

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