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Guatemala: Treat, Pray, Love

A longtime friend who’d been on previous mission trips to Guatemala had told me, “Wait till you meet Iggy! You’ll love him!” Iggy, short for Ignacious, is a name believed to signify independence, forthrightness, practicality. Good traits for a surgeon. … Continue reading

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Guatemala Mission: By the Numbers

Team members from USA: 23 Members with medical training: 8 Females: 15 Males: 8 Teens: 3 Non-Christian: 1 (that I know of) Number of armed soldiers who guarded the team at night: 8 Gallons of hot water used for showers, … Continue reading

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Guatemala: Medical Mission Images

Images of Guatemala Everyone said I would love it. I did. Many ask, “Will you go on another medical mission?” I don’t know . . .

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Hola, Guatemala

Our team of 23 Americans were in Guatemala on a medical mission. Having visited 17 countries and lived in four (not counting the USA), I was prepared for some of the sights and experiences encountered in Guatemala. I was ready … Continue reading

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When were you going to tell me?

Hey, you guys! When were you going to turn me on to Phil Keaggy??!! I found out about him in Guatemala. My kind of music. As soon as I got home I Youtubed him and bought 3 CDs.

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Adultery OK – Part 2

I felt so strongly about Dear Abby’s response to a letter, that I wrote a blog (shown below) about it. I then emailed the same thing to the editor of our local newspaper, in which the Abby column is published. Today, the entire piece … Continue reading

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