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Tarot: It’s Not in the Cards

I was leafing through my journal, and “What the . . .?” Back in 2008, I’d cut out and pasted each of the 22 Tarot cards on its own page. Then I’d copied down the affirmation that goes with each … Continue reading

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“Jake” Tells the Truth

Star of ‘Two and a Half Men’ Angus T. Jones urges fans to stop watching, calls  show ‘filth’ Read more: The writers of Two and a Half Men are extremely talented. Sharp. Good writing can make any topic funny, it … Continue reading

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Christian Gobbledygook

  “What words come to mind when you think of the way church was before you came to faith?” our group leader asked. “Boring.” “Gobbledygook.” “Not relevant.” Only going to church and expecting to understand everything in the hymns and … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving IS the Centerpiece

Perhaps it was the world’s distorted filter, or my former bias, but I thought Christianity was the uptight religion of no, no, no. I was energized when I read this: “For everything God created is good, and nothing is to … Continue reading

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Tense Sinner

This morning I decided to read an entire chapter of the Bible. I chose 1 Timothy and was drawn in. Then a little verb zapped me. The verb is what we English teachers call a present tense being verb. Paul … Continue reading

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Mary Tyler-Mooreless

I used to watch The Mary Tyler-Moore Show back in the late ’80s. (Cue theme song, “Love is all around why don’t you take it? You’re gonna make it on your own.”) In fact, I remember saying to my shrink, … Continue reading

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“Lazarus Man”

Click, look & listen to Terry Callier’s Lazarus Man

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Guatemala: Spiritual Earthquakes

Our mission team, the Guatemalan coordinator, the Guatemalan pastor, and an interpreter are all gathered in the church in Guatemala City. Carlo the digital tune master has cool sounds wafting in the background.  Someone supplied us with instant coffee and … Continue reading

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Guatemala: Size Does Matter

The Guatemalan sun hammers the corrugated tin roof over our heads.  Joe and I and local helpers sweat inside the cinderblock building. We’re digging our way through a mountain of black garbage bags filled with clothes people from the U.S.A. … Continue reading

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Guatemala: The Hell of All Diseases

“The painkiller isn’t working. We need painkiller in the dental clinic.” It’s our first day at the medical mission in Tierra Linda, Guatemala. The request for painkiller reminds me of a factoid a friend told me a few weeks ago: … Continue reading

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