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5 Ws & 1 H

Who would I be if I trusted in the LORD with all my heart? What would I say – and not say? When would the inside-out transformation gain avalanche momentum? Where would I invest my energy, time, money, thoughts? How … Continue reading

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Christians are Hate-Filled Hypocrites

I bought Bradley R.E. Wright’s Christians are Hate-Filled Hypocrites…and Other Lies You’ve Been Told, because I was troubled by a radio preacher who’d stated that America’s Christians are no better than non-Christians when it comes to divorce and other behaviors. … Continue reading

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Family Reunion

The first and last time I tried to plan a family reunion – you know, aunts, uncles and cousins we haven’t seen since the last funeral – was an attempt to change my mother’s destiny. She was dying. I wondered … Continue reading

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These Might be Awful . . .

. . . but I enjoyed writing poems inspired by scripture. Love Pop song lyrics Echolocations seeking God’s endless embrace (1 John 4:19)   The Big Knower Oh, yeah  – you’ve scanned me and you get me. You know when … Continue reading

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“Texas Chainsaw” Slashes to the Top

This morning, as I skimmed through the “Living” section of the newspaper, I came to the entertainment section with box office results. My heart wilted. And I felt grief. Over the weekend, the movie Texas Chainsaw slashed into first place … Continue reading

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