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God’s Not Here – Screed Interrupted

Vince lives with his mom sometimes, and in my brother’s basement other times. He’s 40-something, stick-thin, with long, stringy hair. He’s a good guy. I know this because, among other mundane chores, he pulls weeds and shovels snow for my … Continue reading

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Prayer According to Michael Jr.

Open the link for a good laff.   I’m not gonna let her out pray me! 

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Pick a God, Any God

We were sitting in the church coffee bar after service, chatting about the message, which focused on global missions in India, Thailand and the “ends of the earth.” Kim: I’m not so sure we should impose our culture on other … Continue reading

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Omniscient or Almost?

If God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, how come when he was making Adam and Eve, he didn’t know they would want to be like Him, wise and knowing? God made man in His image, so it makes sense they’d want … Continue reading

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What’s Your Opinion of Obama?

Actually, no matter who sits in the big chair in the Oval Office, we need to pray for our prez. This is from In Touch magazine (1/21/13) “Christians have a responsibility to pray for those in authority. When you talk … Continue reading

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