It Happened When You Were Little

Habit vs Freewill

How many of our habitual behaviors were first deployed when we were children, too innocent and under-equipped to defend against, deflect or rationalize an emotional upheaval? How many of those habits are no longer appropriate at all? How many of those habits are not the most effective response to every encounter that smells like the seminal upheaval? God gave us freewill.  Reflexive habit precludes using freewill. Which of our habits erect barriers between us and God?

beth and brian


About beth

I started this blog in 2011 shortly after I finally opened my heart and mind to Jesus as a last resort. My intent with this blog is to share what I learn and feel along my path with Jesus.
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4 Responses to It Happened When You Were Little

  1. Lukraakvars says:

    Yikes, talk about a can of worms. (In a positive way… maybe I should say a can of butterflies or ladybugs 🙂 ) Your post just made me think of my childhood and what habits have formed from it. I might have to have a chat to God about those and the way out. Thanks for your insight! Peace.

  2. beth says:

    You bet! I thought about using the word “bad” to describe some of my habits. But then decided the ones I’m thinking of aren’t bad – they are the way I coped with a situation, and still do. Maybe these habits aren’t good either – although they keep me living up to the fullness of life that God intended. Like I’m stifling myself or something. ..and I want to give up self-limiting habits or use them only when appropriate. (Gee, I’m getting abstract here.) Thanks for engaging in this conversation.

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