Almost Bailed…Glad I Didn’t

Wednesday night, I composed an email in my head that I planned to send to the leader of the local chapter of Dress for Success, a secular, nonprofit organization for women where I volunteer. Typically, we have guest speakers and information flows one way, from an expert to the audience of women. I wasn’t really needed, I figured.

Thursday morning I watched a video from Vinearts…and got stoked to serve Dress for Success that evening.

I didn’t send my bail-out email to the leader.

Thursday afternoon the leader emailed saying, “The guest speaker cancelled. Any ideas about what we can do tonight?”

I immediately replied with two ideas.

At the meeting I asked each woman to share one good thing that had happened in the past week. Wow! Women shared stories of hardships, challenges, grandchildren and affirmations, about following God’s timing and having faith in God’s plans.

Then I asked each woman to write down one thing she wanted to stop doing, one thing she wanted to keep doing and one thing she wanted to start doing.

If they wanted to they could share any of their ideas and ask each other for tips and resources that would help them achieve their start doing-keep doing-stop doing items.

God was mentioned again.

As we prepared to adjourn, the leader told everyone that she got goosebumps and that we should do this again. “This” meaning taking time to share, to be vulnerable in a safe and encouraging environment.

One of the women said to me, “I feel like a real person when I’m here.”

Another told me that she’d been thinking about making some changes in her life and the activity we did solidified her resolve. When she told me this, she was more animated than I’d ever seen her before.

The part of the video that especially juiced me up was the fact that having an impact one-to-one is as important to God as reaching a large group. That perspective took the pressure off me. If I can touch one person, that is good enough. That is enough for God.

The cool thing about being a conduit for the Spirit is that my self-consciousness (a derivative of self-importance) disappears.


About beth

I started this blog in 2011 shortly after I finally opened my heart and mind to Jesus as a last resort. My intent with this blog is to share what I learn and feel along my path with Jesus.
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