Is it Your Family?

There are undocumented stories about my ancestors hiding silverware from the Confederates during the Civil War, about being related to Captain John Smith and Abe Lincoln and Chief Logan Corn Planter. I’ve since learned that many families tell these same romantic, uncorroborated stories.

Which got me to thinking:  The signs and wonders of Jesus are documented and corroborated. So….

Somewhere on this planet there must be a family that still tells the story about Jesus (when He walked the earth) healing their ancestor.

In fact, there must be more than one family. This isn’t the kind of family story that would get lost, is it?

Or maybe the family became Muslim or something, and forbid the re-telling of the event that happened generations and generations ago.


About beth

I started this blog in 2011 shortly after I finally opened my heart and mind to Jesus as a last resort. My intent with this blog is to share what I learn and feel along my path with Jesus.
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