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Touching Your Robe

Human: By my faith, I am healed. Jesus, Son of David, heal me! Satan: Get real. If he didn’t pluck the thorn from Paul’s side, why would he heal you? Wisdom: God is no respecter of persons. Human: Right! The … Continue reading

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Is it Your Family?

There are undocumented stories about my ancestors hiding silverware from the Confederates during the Civil War, about being related to Captain John Smith and Abe Lincoln and Chief Logan Corn Planter. I’ve since learned that many families tell these same romantic, … Continue reading

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Young Mary

  Old Nazareth Humble shack Corner of a crude room. She’s there Hands clasped Gazing upward. Golden light overcomes her. The story begins. The world spins.

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Jesus before all of that….

Did God give Jesus facial features that resembled Joseph’s and Mary’s…the jut of His adoptive dad’s chin, the deep gaze of His mother’s eyes? Did He learn to walk at the same age as His toddler cousins? Did He play … Continue reading

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The Supernatural Download

My friend decided to go to church regularly, after a long, long dry spell of not attending. I didn’t know she’d made this decision when I invited her to go to church with me. No wonder she answered my invitation … Continue reading

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“Lazarus Man”

Click, look & listen to Terry Callier’s Lazarus Man

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Casa Blanca

Excerpt from Casa Blanca Urgarte: (sadly) You despise me don’t you? Rick: (indifferently) If I gave you any thought, I probably would. When that line was delivered last night on Turner Classic Movies, I laughed out loud. It was the … Continue reading

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