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The Last Resort

Who was Jesus to me? He was a storybook character like Santa Claus and Prince Charming. I went to Sunday school and endured goofy flannel-board stories narrated by ladies that seemed very old. At age 12, I quit going to Sunday school … Continue reading

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Typically the realtor emails his sellers’ names and address to me, and requests that I contact the homeowners to set up my Staging consultation with them. This time, though, he wrote, “Call me before you contact these sellers.” I figured … Continue reading

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Pray for me,” and other throw away lines (Mission work at work)

I’m a home Stager. My job is advising home owners, who are going to sell their houses, how to prepare their homes for the market. Before going to one of my Staging appointments, I had lunch with a Christian friend. … Continue reading

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Mad, Sad & Need Help

My brother is mildly retarded, yet competent in debating politics and straightening you out about pro football team standings. He’s an encyclopedia of 80s rock music and can pronounce the names of dinosaurs as if reciting poetry. He lives on … Continue reading

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Bondage and Carrots

“When you are with other people, you often lose sight of My Presence. Your fear of displeasing people puts you in bondage to them, and they become your primary focus.”  I closed my Jesus Calling devotional book and mulled over … Continue reading

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The Supernatural Download

My friend decided to go to church regularly, after a long, long dry spell of not attending. I didn’t know she’d made this decision when I invited her to go to church with me. No wonder she answered my invitation … Continue reading

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Family Reunion

The first and last time I tried to plan a family reunion – you know, aunts, uncles and cousins we haven’t seen since the last funeral – was an attempt to change my mother’s destiny. She was dying. I wondered … Continue reading

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“Texas Chainsaw” Slashes to the Top

This morning, as I skimmed through the “Living” section of the newspaper, I came to the entertainment section with box office results. My heart wilted. And I felt grief. Over the weekend, the movie Texas Chainsaw slashed into first place … Continue reading

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Grieving father’s poem

Your laws ignore our deepest needs Your words are empty air. You’ve stripped away our heritage. You’ve outlawed simple prayer. Now gunshots fill our classrooms. And precious children die. You seek for answers everywhere. And ask the question “WHY”? You … Continue reading

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Shazaam! Now that’s a worldview!

In 2006 I went to a counselor. I said, “My mom died 2 years ago, and I don’t miss her.” I visited the counselor once a week for 5 weeks. She had me paint pictures, tell her my nighttime dreams … Continue reading

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