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Grow-Your-Own Proverbs

Here’s a sampling of my Life Group’s home-grown proverbs. Below those, is the prompt you can use if you’d like to write some of your own.   He who talks but never listens will soon be talking to himself.   … Continue reading

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Rock Bottom

In 2 Peter 1:5-7 Peter put faith first and then listed the other qualities. Every writer thinks strategically about word placement. There’s a reason Peter started with faith. 5 For this very reason, make every effort to add to your faith goodness; … Continue reading

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Miller Does it Again in “Searching for God Knows What”

Searching for God Knows What is deceptive, in a good way. Miller starts the nonfiction book by telling readers about a writers’ seminar he attended. At first this seems off topic. What’s this seminar have to do with God? I should … Continue reading

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Five Stars and Two Thumbs up for (FREE!) Memoir

I’m hyper-selective about which books I read..and am so happy to recommend “Trees Tall as Mountains” by Rachel Devenish Ford The story is engaging, funny, serious, raw and well-written. The author is relatable, intelligent, creative and gently, yet firmly God-centered.  She shares her self, her life, worries … Continue reading

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Donald Miller Rocks

Donald Miller’s books Through Painted Deserts and Blue Like Jazz are meaty, fun, insightful, gentle, companionable, honest, endearing. He articulates things about being a Christain that I’ve wondered about, or was afraid to wonder about. He can express ideas without … Continue reading

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Passion or Self-Indulgence?

The leader of a Writers’ Retreat at Living Word Community Church began the workshop with a prayer. And in the prayer she said that God put the passion to write in our hearts. That did it. Tears disolved my mascara before “Amen.” You … Continue reading

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